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Turning Hearts + Changing Lives


In 1997, Brian D. Molitor recognized the need to help young people make successful transitions into adulthood. 

During a trip to South Africa, Brian spent much of his time developing a rite of passage ceremony for modern day youth. Upon his return, he invited 30 men to join in a powerful celebration for his eldest son. What followed were many more rites of passage for other young men and women, as well as the development of a strategic plan for parents around the globe.  Malachi Global was formed in 2004 as a ministry seeking to promote effective parenting and to assist young people as they make the challenging transition into adulthood.  Since that time, Brian has written several books on the subjects of rites of passage, mentoring, intentional blessing and effective parenting. 




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What We Do

Television Series

Since 2007, Malachi Global has partnered with networks and individuals around the globe to produce innovative television series that include: TheDRIVEtv, JENI - Seeking the Extraordinary and TV4DADS.  Each series consists of 13 episodes, each one 30 minutes in length.  The series have been filmed throughout the United States and in other locations as well.  The programs have reached audiences in more than 170 nations and have been translated into multiple languages.  Each series is intended to provide viewers with information and inspiration that helps them live out their God-given potential to the maximum.  To see trailers, please click here...

Conferences and retreats

Brian D. Molitor and our other speakers travel throughout the world, speaking at conferences, retreats, and other events to teach a variety of messages about fatherhood, family, and faith, and to inspire the next generation to seek out their God-given purpose.  Presentations include week-long conferences, weekend retreats and key note speeches.  Target audiences include men, fathers, mentors, parents, youth and young ladies seeking to grow into their callings.  For testimonies regarding our conferences and retreats, please click here...

Books, Videos and Study Courses

Malachi Global’s team has written numerous books and study courses.  These include both nonfiction teaching books and study courses as well as fictional allegories that teach key principles of faith, fatherhood, family and more.  To see a list of our materials, please click here

Youth Training

Brian D. Molitor created an innovative youth training course called MITI [pronounced “mighty”].  This course is 60 hours of content, generally taught in 30 sessions, two hours each.  The content prepares young people for success in all areas of life and covers topics such as: leadership, purpose & direction, time management, entrepreneurship, public speaking, personal presentation, and much more.  To learn more, please click here...


He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to the fathers...
— Malachi 4:6


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