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We exist to help men turn their hearts and attention to the next generation, resulting in healthier families, greater clarity of purpose for sons and daughters, and the fulfillment of God-ordained destinies. 


We inform and inspire fathers and other mentors through mass media and live events with special emphasis on strategic planning, lifelong mentoring, intentional blessing and rites of passage for today's youth. 


In 1997, Brian D. Molitor recognized the need to help young people make successful transitions into adulthood. During a trip to South Africa, Brian spent much of his time developing a rite of passage ceremony for modern day youth. Upon his return, he invited 30 men to join in a powerful celebration for his eldest son, Chris, who was turning 13. What followed were many more rites of passage for other young men and women, as well as the development of a strategic plan for parents around the globe. 

Malachi Global was formed in 2004 as a ministry seeking to promote effective parenting and to assist young people as they make the challenging transition into adulthood.  Since that time, Brian has written several books on the subjects of rites of passage, mentoring, intentional blessing and effective parenting.  Originally published in English, these books have now been translated into multiple languages including French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.  

Brian and other members of the team have been invited to teach these powerful parenting concepts to audiences in many parts of the world.  Our conferences and retreats empower parents, especially men and other male mentors with new skills, confidence, and motivation to successfully reach, raise, love, and disciple the next generation. 

In 2014, the team began producing a unique television series called TV4DADS.  Each season of the program is filmed in a different location such as Montana, Alaska and Northern Michigan.  The programs have aired internationally on many inspirational networks including those in the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, Russian and many more.  


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If you share our passion to make a difference in the next generation, and would like to know how to get involved, we'd like to hear from you! 

We are always looking for new locations to film our television series, as well as venues for father/son or father/daughter retreats. If you know of a spectacular place or have access to one, please let us know!

If you have a story to share of how God has turned your heart towards the next generation, or perhaps has healed your heart from past wounds, we would like to hear about it. 

If our retreat, books, audio teachings or television series have impacted your life in a positive way, it would encourage us and others to know about it. We'd love to hear from you!



The Team



CEO and Founder

Brian D. Molitor


Brian D. Molitor is the founder of the Malachi Global, a ministry that exists to inspire and equip fathers and other mentors with the tools needed to successfully lead the next generation. 

Brian has written numerous books, training manuals, and articles on the subjects of business success, leadership, fatherhood, rites of passage, mentoring, blessing, and how to build positive interpersonal relationships.  His writings have appeared in magazines such as the Christian Businessman, Ethos, The Christian Sportsman, and the Godly Businesswoman, and in newspapers around the world.  His first book on parenting was entitled A Boy’s Passage.  Brian’s books, Boy’s Passage-Man’s Journey and Girl’s Passage-Father’s Duty were released in the USA and translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean and Chinese.  

Brian has produced and hosted numerous television programs that have aired in Africa, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Canada, and the United States.  His productions include TheDRIVEtv, JENI - Seeking the Extraordinary and TV4DADS.  He has been a featured guest on US radio talk shows, including Parent Talk with Dr. Randy Carlson.  Brian has worked with celebrities such as Kirk Cameron on Fatherhood and Family projects.

Brian is, also, the Founder and CEO of Molitor International, an award-winning consulting and training company with over thirty years of experience serving clients throughout the world.  His book, The Power of Agreement, has helped thousands of people identify the vision, mission, core values, and operating principles of their organizations.  His recent organizational development book, Win/Win...Win  and his training courses, Leadership that Lasts, Barriers to Bridges, and Team Problem Solving have helped hundreds of organizations reach their highest potential, including those in business, healthcare, government, ministry, and local churches.  His organization created an innovative community development program called 1000 Leaders that transformed the face of a 200,000 member community in midMichigan, USA.

He is also the developer of a youth training program called MITI - Foundations for Success.  This 60 hour course has transformed the lives of countless young people throughout the nation and in other parts of the world.

For many years, Mr. Molitor has been the keynote speaker at business conferences, retreats, corporate meetings, and church services, worldwide.  He has served as the pastor of a statewide prison ministry in Michigan and also spent two years as the director of a residential camp for disadvantaged youth. 

Brian and his wife, Kathleen, have been married for over thirty-five years and have four children and three grandchildren.  They reside in Midland, Michigan.


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Kathleen Molitor


Kathleen Molitor is the co-founder of Malachi Global and currently serves as the project manager for the ministry, as well as the office manager for Molitor International. She is the co-author of the book, Girl’s Passage – Father’s Duty. Kathleen has, also, worked as a Production Coordinator and Location Scout for Malachi Global Productions, which has produced three international Christian television series: TV4DADS, Jeni-Seeking the Extraordinary and DriveTV.

Kathleen spent fourteen years working in the nursing field before becoming a stay-at-home mother.  She and Brian spent three years as the hosts of a Christian television show focusing on family relationships. She has lead small group Bible studies and has been a speaker at women’s retreats and seminars. Kathleen currently volunteers at her local church.

Kathleen and Brian have been married for over 35 years and have four children and three grandchildren. They share a passion to see young people step into their God-given destinies.



ASSOCIATE Producer, Malachi Global Productions

Jeni Molitor

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Jeni Molitor is an author and television personality with a heart to reach the next generation of young women, helping them discover the extraordinary gifts that God has personally placed in their lives.

Jeni is the host of two television series that air throughout the world.  Her first series JENI: Seeking the Extraordinary is a travel and adventure program filmed on location around the globe.  Jeni’s second series JENI: Hometown Harvest features cooking and short trips around her native home of Michigan, USA.  She is also the creator of a twelve-week course called From Ordinary Girls to Extraordinary Women. This course teaches young women about their purpose, true beauty, God’s plan, and much more.

Jeni is a graduate of Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida with a degree in Communications, and is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Ministerial Leadership. While in college, she was co-captain of her basketball team and served in various leadership positions.

After graduation, Jeni served as associate producer of an international youth-oriented television series called TheDRIVEtv as well as TV4DADS, a series on successful fatherhood. When Jeni isn't filming, baking, or adventuring, she works with freshmen women as a Resident Director at Southeastern University.

Follow along with her adventures on Facebook at Jeni: Seeking the Extraordinary and on Instagram @jeni_molitor.