Malachi Global Foundation
Turning Hearts • Changing Lives

Overview of

Malachi Global

Malachi Global was launched in 2004. 

Its mission is to provide fathers and other mentors with the information and inspiration to successfully lead the next generation into their God-given callings. 

The organization achieves its mission by utilizing a comprehensive strategy of conferences, retreats, print media, television programs and audio teachings to reach men and other mentors.

The foundational messages of the ministry are:

  • The Message of Malachi 4:6

  • The Gift of Friendship

  • The Power of A Plan

  • Lifelong Mentoring

  • Intentional Blessing

  • Rites of Passage

  • Brand New Man - Healing a Wounded Heart  

The Malachi Global Productions team produces three television series that air on many international Christian Networks throughout the world.  The series are: TheDRIVEtv, JENI - Seeking the Extraordinary, and TV4DADS. 

The vision of Malachi Global is simple and yet, far reaching.  We long to see the manifestation of Malachi 4:6 in this generation.  This means that fathers, mothers and other mentors will turn their hearts and attention to the next generation of young people as never before.  This turning will result in healthier families, greater clarity of purpose for our sons and daughters, and the fulfillment of their God-ordained destinies. This also means that young people will respond by turning their own hearts back to their fathers, mothers and other mentors in ways that are healthy and satisfying.