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I Wish My House Was Bigger

Oh, I wish my house was bigger
There’s always too much noise
from the cat and dog and daughter,
but mostly from three young boys...

Oh, I wish my house was bigger
For a parent, work never ends
There’s crumpled clothes and dirty dishes,
and younger brothers to defend...

From the day that they all got here
They’ve really changed my life
No longer is there time for me to just enjoy my wife
These little guys are so much work
There’s no shortage of new chores
They laugh and cry and shout and pout
and beg for “just once more...”

Yes, I wish my house was bigger
There is still way too much noise
from the cat and dog and daughter
but mostly from three growing boys.

The bills keep getting higher
as the price of toys goes up
We no longer shop for Legos;
now it’s cars and expensive stuff
Their friends show up on weekends
loud as they can be
Oh, I wish my house bigger
and there was much more room for me...

But, you know a strange thing happened
just the other day
My last child left for college
and there was still much left to say
Now, my house is clean and spotless
But it’s quiet as a tomb
and I strain to hear their laughter
as I wander room to room

Now I wish my house was smaller
and all my kids were near
I would gladly trade the mess they made
for the joy that they brought here

Sure, now I’ve time for fishing
but it’s really not the same
There’s no hooks to bait, no chocolate milk
and no long drive, guessing games

Oh, I wish my house was smaller
and I could once more feel
the closeness of my children
and then my heart could heal...

by Brian D. Molitor
Sept. 2011